Siège Social 23 000 sf

A new headquarters for Ricardo Media, a Quebec-based company in full expansion mode.

Our starting point, a 40,000-square foot old printing warehouse and former store with an extraordinary industrial outline.

PHOTOS | Josée Marino Photographer


Our mandate was very clear, redefine the space to create open, convivial spaces – the Ricardo team calls it familial – that are conducive to creation.


As a separate element, a barn wood patchwork arch in the reception area dictates the guideline of the overall concept.


Exposed concrete, wood and steel: materials used are kept to a bare minimum in order to emphasize the building’s visual heritage.


In the main conference room a large table setting defines the space and is great for meetings.


Our Vision: An urban, yet sophisticated office, a vibrant place that reserves spaces for moments of quiet reflection.


The interior is dismantled to reveal rough concrete floors and expose the ceiling and original brick walls.


The same lean and simple architectural structure is implemented everywhere, both inside and out.


Several openings allow a maximum of natural light to flood into the space.


Selected period furniture and made-to-measure elements accentuate the building’s existing heritage.


The only office, situated in the office heart with a «mad men» feel, this space dictates the entire employee’s main room.

Rustic elements contrast with more modern materials in order to create the desired innovative and convivial spirit. The central system of this space is a long raw iron bench and iron cladded fireplace.

A 100% staff oriented space. By far this is kl.tz design’s favorite room!

PHOTO (logs) | Christian Lacroix Photographer



Touches of natural Russian plywood all around create warmth that contrasts with the rough concrete floor.


Here we find creative boxes, which are very appreciated by all.


The kitchen is the central nervous system of this large space .

The architectural lignthing plays the lead role as to adapt to many different functions and technicalities of this space.

This project celebrates the art of cooking, creativity and, above all, the company’s focus on family values.